AIKIDO is a unique Japanese martial art that promotes health and harmony with the universe and its power (KI). I am a devoted long-time practitioner of Aikido.
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About me- I am trained in Japanese Martial Arts for over 30 years, including 8 years in various styles of KARATE (mostly Goju-Ryu) and over 20 years of AIKIDO practice (Aikikai), holding a rank of "4-Dan" (Black belt) and an instructors certificate ("Wingate institute", Israel). My practice career includes training, instructing & managing a small branch Dojo for about 10 years (2002-2009). I am also experienced in previously instructing Aikido to company workers.

My unique style: Over my years of practice I have come to develope a very unique style and understanding of Aikido, as most practitioners do. I combine a healthy and peacful self awareness, sword awareness (Japanese sword) and effectivness in combat.

I am a believer in Aikido as a practice of communication: with our mind and body (self awareness), with our partners/opponents, and with the environment (universe). I do not believe in being merely mechanical but in projecting a true intention (heart and mind) in every move. I do not believe that defining "correct technique" will contribute to a more effective practice!


I currently teach Aikido downtown Los Angeles in:
"City Aikido of LA, located at 621 S Avenue 21, Los Angeles, CA 90031.
I am also available for private tutoring on an individual basis. Please contact me via phone for more information.



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